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May Day School 2013 - Schedule


Transition, Austerity and Primitive Accumulation Left Answers

26 April–1 May, 2013

Stara mestna elektrarna - Elektro Ljubljana, Slomškova 18, Ljubljana


Friday, 26 April

17.00– 19.00: Michael Perelman - Primitive Accumulation: From Adam Smith to Angela Merkel 21.00:  Concert of the Kombinat Female Choir (Muzejska ploščad, Metelkova) [divider]

Saturday, 27 April

11.00–12.30Lev Centrih - The Liberation Front of the Slovene Nation: the socialist, revolutionary and antifascist dimension of the Liberation Front in Yugoslavia and its place in the history of class struggle

13.00–14.30: Panel discussion - Primitive Accumulation as a Concept

18.00–20.00Andrew KlimanThe Incoherence of “Transitional Society” as a Marxian Concept [divider]

Sunday, 28 April

11.00–12.30: Panel discussion - The Commons: From Primitive Accumulation to Communism

13.00–14.30: Panel discussion - Primitive Accumulation in the Post-Socialist Transition and the EU Accession Period

18.00–20.00Werner BonefeldPrimitive Accumulation and Capitalist Accumulation: Critical Notes on Class and Dispossession [divider]

Monday, 29 April

9.00–14.00: Guided tour of the political HQ (Baza 20) of the Liberation Front 18.00–20.00: David McNallyPrimitive Accumulation, Migrant Workers and Social Reproduction in the Age of Austerity[divider]

Tuesday, 30 April

11.00–12.30: Panel discussion - Primitive Accumulation as a Factor in Fiscal Sustainability Policies

13.00–14.30: Panel discussion - A Socialist Alternative

18.00–20.00Michael A. LebowitzPrimitive Accumulation versus Contested Reproduction [divider]

Wednesday, 1 May

11.00–13.00: Round table - Building a New Left in the Balkans

18.00–20.00: Round table - Toward a European Left Strategy of Building a Socialist Alternative


A Socialist Alternative (Prug, Korsika, Kostanić)

From Tahrir Square to Zuccotti Park, from Athens to Madrid, millions have mobilised and are mobilising against the dictatorship of capital, whatever its local expression might be. Although such massive protests and upheavals would have been unimaginable just a few years ago, with the onset of the gr...

Lev Centrih - The Socialist, Revolutionary and Antifascist Dimensions of the Liberation Front of the Slovenian Nation in Yugoslavia and Its Place in the History of Class Struggles

The Liberation Front of the Slovenian Nation was an organisation that led political armed resistance against fascist invaders and local quislings. It was established on 27 April 1941 in Ljubljana, shortly after the Axis powers disintegrated the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. It consisted of 18 groups; with...

Michael A. Lebowitz - Primitive Accumulation versus Contested Reproduction

If we don't understand a system as it is fully developed [its 'Being'] and thus its critical characteristics, we cannot investigate the 'becoming' of those characteristics. This is why Marx discussed primitive (or original) accumulation of capital only at the end of Volume 1 of Capital. Exclusive...

Michael Perelman - Primitive Accumulation: From Adam Smith to Angela Merkel

The barbaric wave of austerity crashing across Europe and much of the rest of the world both resembles and differs from the classical period of primitive accumulation which deprived masses of people of their means of production. Although landgrabs continue in this modern version of primitive accumul...

Primitive Accumulation as a Concept (Bernstein, Hermann, Furlan)

Since at least the time Rosa Luxemburg wrote The Accumulation of Capital, there have been various applications and theoretical developments of Marx’s historical account of the so-called primitive accumulation. Luxemburg argued that Marxists should expand Marx’s fixed historical description and rew...