Institute for Labour Studies

Institute for Labour Studies (ILS), or Inštitut za delavske študije (IDŠ), is a new institute founded in 2012 by members of the Workers and Punks’ University. Currently, it unites over twenty Marxist oriented students, activists and researchers. Our mission is to rehabilitate Marxist critique of political economics in the Slovenian academic and public discourse and to establish a socialist political position in the Slovenian political space. For that purpose, we collaborate mostly with the Workers and Punks’ University and with the academic publishing house Naprej! (Forward!). Together we constitute an institutional front organising lectures, public debates and conferences, and publishing books and the academic journal Borec (Fighter).

In the last six months, we have organised more than twenty public lectures with prominent lecturers such as Riccardo Bellofiore, James Meadway, Joachim Becker and John Grahl. We have contributed in Naprej!’s translation of several books, including a new translation of Marx’s Das Kapital, Harvey’s A Brief History of Neoliberalism, Husson’s Un pur capitalisme, Sohn-Rethel’s Ökonomie und Klassenstruktur des deutschen Faschismus; our member Branko Bembič has published a book on twentieth-century capitalism; we have contributed to two issues of Borec; etc.

Furthermore, we have been active in the protest movement that overwhelmed Slovenia in last months. We have presented a conception of Democratic Socialism, for the first time in twenty-five years achieving a non-pejorative use of term “socialism” in Slovenian public discourse. Therefore, our members had more than fifty interventions in mainstream media, including interviews, articles and comments. With support from the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung and Transform! Network, a major progress for the Slovenian Left has been achieved.

We believe that the next step will be made by the May Day School, our largest and most prominent event this year. We thank you in advance for participating and for contributing to our common success – the advance of socialism!