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Ishay Landa – Progress and Fascism: The Proof of the Pudding?

Can one speak of historical progress after Auschwitz? In this talk I wish to critically re-examine the recurrent notion – associated mainly with the Frankfurt School but finding many comparable formulations – that interwar European fascism demonstrates the illusory, or ... Preberi več »

May Day School 2015: Schedule/Urnik

Schedule First day, 27th of April: 19:00 Dinner 20:00 – 22:00 Lecture by G. M. Tamás: “Why Fascism Persists” – Cancelled due to personal reasons Second day, 28th of April: 12:00 – 13:30 Panel discussion: “Fascism and Liberalism” Anže Dolinar: ... Preberi več »

On the Marxian Theory of Class (O’Kane, Rutar)

The last chapter of the third volume of Marx’s Capital bears a promising title: ‘Classes’. Marx opens this chapter by listing ‘the three great classes of a modern society based upon the capitalist mode of production’: wage-labourers, capitalists and land-owners. ... Preberi več »

Joseph Choonara – Marx, Class and Contemporary Capitalism

Scepticism about the capacity of workers to challenge capitalism is the common sense across much of the radical Left. Such views often start from the position that capitalism has been so fundamentally transformed that focussing on workers is hopelessly nostalgic. ... Preberi več »