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A Socialist Alternative (Prug, Korsika, Kostanić)

From Tahrir Square to Zuccotti Park, from Athens to Madrid, millions have mobilised and are mobilising against the dictatorship of capital, whatever its local expression might be. Although such massive protests and upheavals would have been unimaginable just a few ... Preberi več »

Michael A. Lebowitz – Primitive Accumulation versus Contested Reproduction

If we don’t understand a system as it is fully developed [its ‘Being’] and thus its critical characteristics, we cannot investigate the ‘becoming’ of those characteristics. This is why Marx discussed primitive (or original) accumulation of capital only at the ... Preberi več »

Toward a European Left Strategy of Building a Socialist Alternative (Baier, Gauthier, Kaindl, Mesec, Sakellaridis)

The European Union is often celebrated in the liberal commonsense discourse as a pacifistic project that finally brought peace, prosperity and brotherhood to modern Europe after centuries of wars between European nations or states. Furthermore, the EU is celebrated as ... Preberi več »

May Day School 2013 – Schedule

Transition, Austerity and Primitive Accumulation – Left Answers  26 April–1 May, 2013 Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana, Slomškova 18, Ljubljana   Friday, 26 April  17.00– 19.00: Michael Perelman – Primitive Accumulation: From Adam Smith to Angela Merkel 21.00:  Concert of the ... Preberi več »