May Day School 2013 – Booklet

May Day School 2013 – Booklet

Download: may_day_school_2013_booklet.pdf


  • May Day School 2013: Schedule
  • May Day School 2013: Conference abstract
  • Institute for Labour Studies
  • Tibor Rutar – Transition, Austerity and Primitive Accumulation: Left Answers
  • Dragan Nikčević – The Origins of May Day
  • Lev Centrih – The Liberation Front of the Slovenian Nation: Ideological Split as a Precondition for Political Unification
  • The Workers and Punks’ University

Edited by: 
Andraž Mali
Luka Mesec
Anej Korsika
Rok Kogej

Designed and illustrated by:
Vasja Ris Lebarič

Tiskarna Pleško

Published by:
Institute for Labour Studies (ILS)

Printed in 500 copies



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