May Day School 2013 – Schedule

May Day School 2013 – Schedule

Transition, Austerity and Primitive Accumulation  Left Answers

 26 April–1 May, 2013

Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana, Slomškova 18, Ljubljana


Friday, 26 April 

17.00– 19.00: Michael PerelmanPrimitive Accumulation: From Adam Smith to Angela Merkel
21.00:  Concert of the Kombinat Female Choir (Muzejska ploščad, Metelkova)

Saturday, 27 April

11.00–12.30Lev Centrih – The Liberation Front of the Slovene Nation: the socialist, revolutionary and antifascist dimension of the Liberation Front in Yugoslavia and its place in the history of class struggle

13.00–14.30: Panel discussion – Primitive Accumulation as a Concept

18.00–20.00Andrew KlimanThe Incoherence of “Transitional Society” as a Marxian Concept

Sunday, 28 April

11.00–12.30: Panel discussion – The Commons: From Primitive Accumulation to Communism

13.00–14.30: Panel discussion – Primitive Accumulation in the Post-Socialist Transition and the EU Accession Period

18.00–20.00Werner BonefeldPrimitive Accumulation and Capitalist Accumulation: Critical Notes on Class and Dispossession

Monday, 29 April

9.00–14.00: Guided tour of the political HQ (Baza 20) of the Liberation Front
18.00–20.00: David McNallyPrimitive Accumulation, Migrant Workers and Social Reproduction in the Age of Austerity

Tuesday, 30 April

11.00–12.30: Panel discussion – Primitive Accumulation as a Factor in Fiscal Sustainability Policies

13.00–14.30: Panel discussion – A Socialist Alternative

18.00–20.00Michael A. LebowitzPrimitive Accumulation versus Contested Reproduction

Wednesday, 1 May

11.00–13.00: Round table – Building a New Left in the Balkans

  • Andrea Milat (SFF)
  • Primož Krašovec (DPU)
  • Marko Kostanić (CRS)
  • Darko Vesić (CPE)
  • Boris Kanzleiter (RLS)

18.00–20.00: Round table – Toward a European Left Strategy of Building a Socialist Alternative

  • Gabriel Sakellaridis (Syriza)
  • Walter Baier (euro!transform)
  • Elisabeth Gauthier (Front de Gauche)
  • Christina Kaindl (Die Linke)
  • Luka Mesec (DPU)

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  1. It´s just a music to my soul! Thank you all for all your effort!