May Day School 2014 – Schedule

May Day School 2014 – Schedule

May Day School 2014
Classes on the Periphery

30 April–3 May 2014
Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana
Slomškova 18, Ljubljana

Wed., 30 April

10:00–12:00: Jane Hardy: What Is Happening to International Capital? New Divisions of Labour in Global Capitalism

12:3014:30: Panel discussion I: On the Marxian Theory of Class:

  • Tibor Rutar: The Marxian Theory of Class: Recentring Exploitation and Class Struggle
  • Chris O’Kane: ‘The specific social characters that the social production process stamps on individuals’: On The Constitution of Classes in Capital as ‘products of these specific social relations of production’

17:0019:00: Panel discussion II: Critique of Contemporary Ideologies:

Thu., 1 May

10:0012:00: Guglielmo Carchedi: Capitalism In the Age of the Internet

12:3014:30: Panel discussion III: Women and Class:

  • Andrea Jovanović: The Yugoslav Antifascist Front of Women (AFŽ): Legacy, Lessons and Some Insights
  • Dora Levačić: The Economic Position of Women in ex-Yugoslav Countries

17:0019:00: Ursula Huws: Labour and Class in the Internet Age

Fri., 2 May

10:0012:00: Panel discussion IV: Restoration of Capitalism and Class Recomposition: The Cases of Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Anita Tolić: Transition to Capitalist Economy and Changes in the Class Composition of Post-socialist Slovenia
  • Domagoj Mihaljević: Socio-economic Structural Transformation and Class Recomposition in Croatia
  • Goran Marković: The Interrelation between The Bosnian Type of Transition to Capitalism and the Political Potency of the Working Class

12:3014:30: Panel discussion V: Local Historic Blocs I: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia:

  • Anej Korsika: Notes on the Class Situation in Slovenia: From Class Compromise to Class Struggle
  • Marko Kostanić: The Historic Bloc in Croatia: From the Disintegration of Yugoslavia to the EU Periphery
  • Ognjen Kojanić: Disciplined, Dispossessed and/or Disorganised: Three Cases from Post-Socialist Serbia

17:0019:00: Panel discussion VI: Local Historic Blocs II: Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia:

  • Madlen Nikolova: The ‘Creative Class’ and the Reproduction of the Neoliberal Ideology in Bulgaria
  • Florin Poenaru: Class Struggle in Romania in Historical Perspective
  • Kire Vasilev: Macedonia, the ‘Non-Integrated’ Periphery of Europe

Sat., 3 May

10:0012:00: Branko Bembič: The Shifting Balance of Class Forces in Slovenia

12:3014:30: Panel discussion VII: Case studies of Slovenian Media Industry, Culture Industry and the Academia:

  • Katja Praznik: Welfare or Precarity? The History of Cultural Legislation for Artistic Labor and the Escalation of Class Differences in the Cultural System: The Slovenian Case
  • Primož Krašovec: Room for Class in the Contemporary Slovenian Academic Field
  • Igor Vobič: Online Newsworkers: At the Periphery of Journalism

17:0019:00: Panel discussion VIII: Class Differentiation of the Peasant Population: The Cases of Slovenia and Croatia:

  • Goran Đulić: Perspectives of the Agrarian Sector in Croatia
  • Marko Lovec: Slovenian Agricultural Production Structure, the Problem of Class Consciousness in Agriculture and the Role of the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU
  • Stane Kavčič: The Size Structure of Agricultural Holdings in Slovenia and Their Importance for Slovenian Food Balance 

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