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Panel discussion – Primitive Accumulation in the Post-Socialist Transition and the EU Accession Period


It is very symptomatic that the story of the great historical break of 1989 in Eastern Europe is usually articulated in purely political terms, often with obvious romantically-nationalistic overtones: winds of change have swept away old curtains and walls of the obsolete system, bringing about a second spring of nations that were at last able to breathe freely and democratically. ... Preberi več »

Goran Musić – Deindustrialisation of Serbian Economy, 1991 ̶2012


The process of deindustrialisation is emerging as one of the main concerns for labour activists in the region of former Yugoslavia. After more than twenty years of transitional restructuring, Serbia still has not reached one half of the value of industrial production it had in the final years of workers’ self-management economy. The restoration of capitalism marked a steep fall ... Preberi več »